Let me put my creativity to work for you! With over 15 years of experience designing and optimizing effective websites, I have the skills to bring your vision to life online. My process is centered around understanding your business, brand, and goals, so I can craft a website and/or SEO strategy that truly captures your unique essence. I’m passionate about creating beautiful, user-friendly sites that not only look great but also engage your audience and convert visitors into customers. Whether you need a completely new site or just want what you have optimized, I’ll gladly make it happen!

My Services


  • Boost Visibility – SEO helps move your website up in search engine rankings so more potential customers can find you.
  • Gain Credibility – Higher rankings lend authority and trust to your business, leading to more sales.
  • Compete with Larger Companies – SEO helps small businesses compete for rankings with bigger companies. It levels the playing field.
  • Connect with Local Customers – Local SEO tactics attract nearby customers searching for local products or services.
  • Understand Customer Intent – Keyword and competitor research provides insight into the words and strategies your competition uses to reach customers.
  • Cost-Effective Promotion – SEO delivers lasting results at an affordable price compared to paid ads or other marketing.
  • Flexible Targeting – An SEO strategy can focus on specific products, services, locations, keywords etc. It tailors solutions for small businesses.

Web Design

  • Discovery Process – We meet with you to understand your business goals, brand, target audience, content needs and more for the website.
  • Secure Domain Name – We purchase and register a unique web address that will be easy for customers to remember and type when visiting your site.
  • Set Up Web Hosting – We select a web hosting provider and configure hosting settings to store your website files on a server and make the site accessible online.
  • Build Optimized Website – We design and develop a website optimized with strategic keyword placement to improve your search engine rankings and visibility.
  • Launch Consultation – We provide an introductory walkthrough of your completed website, its features, and instructions for use along with expectations for launch and next steps.

FREE Consultation

Are you looking to establish or improve your online presence? As an SEO consultant and web designer, who specializes in small businesses I know how important it is for a small business like yours to not only have a professional, eye-catching website that attracts customers and drives sales but the SEO to make that website visible. That’s why I’m offering a FREE 1/2 hour consultation to assess your current online presence and discuss how I can help you grow your business.

So, let’s talk about how I can help you today!