How to Never Run Out of Blog Post Ideas: Always Know What to Blog About!

Starting a new blog can feel overwhelming, especially when you’re struggling to identify topics to actually write about! As a small business owner already juggling a million hats, the last thing you need is to waste hours racking racking your brain for what to blog about.

I get it— no matter what type of blog, finding blog post ideas isn’t easy. You want to attract and engage your target audience while also promoting your products or services. More importantly, your blog should support your broader business goals whether it’s boosting website traffic, leads, or sales.

The good news? When you start a blog you don’t need to reinvent the wheel to determine what to write about. In this post, you’ll discover actionable tips to research and brainstorm winning blog topics tailored to your niche. With the right strategy, deciding what to blog about can be much simpler and drive results for your small biz. Let’s dive in!

Know Your Audience and Goals

Who do you want reading your blog? Defining your target audience is step one before deciding what to write!

Start by getting very clear on who your ideal customers are. Really imagine them. What do they care about? What problems could your business solve for them? The better you understand your audience, the easier it will be to create content that grabs their attention.

For example, if you run a yoga studio, your blog readers likely include busy moms, office workers, and fitness enthusiasts. Think about their interests and questions when brainstorming topics.

You should also have specific goals for your business blog. Do you want to drive traffic to your website, gather emails for your newsletter, or increase sales? Align your content with achieving those aims.

Here’s a pro tip: do keyword research to discover topics people search for that relate to your niche. If you run that yoga studio, popular searches may include “beginner home yoga workout,” “yoga for back pain,” or “meditation techniques.” These could spark excellent blog post ideas tailored to searcher intent!

Besides knowing your audience and goals, you need an understanding of your products and services too. Consider questions people may have about what you offer. Those often make for winning blog topics!

For example, an electrician could create FAQ posts like “What causes flickering lights?” or “How do I add more outlets to a room?” Leveraging his electrical expertise builds trust with homeowners. Discussing common electrical issues and how to solve them demonstrates an electrician’s knowledge and reliability. 

The work you do to define your target reader and objectives provides crucial groundwork. It points you toward high-value blog content that ultimately drives results. So before asking “What should I write about?” know who you’re blogging for and what you want to achieve. Then use that knowledge to write relevant, rewarding posts readers love.

Generating Content Ideas

Even once you define your audience and establish your goals coming up with an idea of what to blog about can still feel overwhelming.  So Where do you even start? Not to worry, help is here! Check out these 7 fail-proof ideas to effortlessly uncover winning topics:

🚀 Review Industry Blogs + Forums

What are influencers as well as other bloggers in your niche chatting about right now? Check out popular blogs, forums, groups, and sites to discover trending topics. These often signal questions and pain points your audience cares about that could inspire posts.

For a gardening biz, that may include drought-tolerant plants, winter care, or pest control. Provide your take on challenges gardeners face.

Monitor Social Media Conversations

Platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit + Quora offer goldmines for spotting hot subjects. Plug into discussions happening in your industry. What problems do people need help solving?

Monitor Social Media Conversations

Platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit + Quora offer goldmines for spotting hot subjects. Plug into discussions happening in your industry. What problems do people need help solving?

🙋‍♀️ Ask Staff, Customers + Partners

Who knows your business inside out? Tap colleagues, customers + partners directly for content suggestions based on frequent questions they get. Incentivize referrals with rewards!

💡 Host Brainstorming Sessions

Gather your team and set a timer for 10 minutes. Have everyone rapid-fire shout out post ideas related to your products, industry, or audience without any judgment initially. Then make sure to capture all suggestions to refine later. Talk about productivity!

📝 Look Inward at Operations

What daily business challenges or insider topics could be interesting for readers? For a restaurant owner, that may include sourcing seasonal ingredients, staffing, or marketing tactics.

🔎 Pay Attention + Ask Questions

Inspirations surround you if you know where to look! Train yourself to get curious and spot idea potential. Over time, you’ll intuitively recognize promising topics when searching for ideas for what to blog about.

🔎 Pay Attention + Ask Questions

Inspirations surround you if you know where to look! Train yourself to get curious and spot idea potential. Over time, you’ll intuitively recognize promising topics when searching for ideas for what to blog about.

🤔 Search Keywords!

Research keywords people search related to your niche. Popular searches often yield blog-worthy questions. Let data guide your discovery versus guesswork.

🤖 Finally, When All Else Fails...Consult Your AI Assistant

If you have spent any time on this blog you will know that whenever possible I use Artificial Intelligence as an assistant to make my workload easier. Although there are several chatbots out there my personal favorite is Cluade. I find Claude to be very conversational and very intelligent.

So a conversation between Claude and myself might go something like this:

I have a plumbing supply business and a blog on my website that talks about all aspects of my business. Give me 5 ideas of things I could blog about that would capture my reader attention.

Claude or whatever chatbot you are using will be happy to give you some suggestions.

But, if you’re still feeling stuck and need more inspiration for your blog topics, don’t worry! The next section’s got you covered with 25 unique ideas sure to get you motivated!

25 Tried And True Ideas Of What to Blog About 

OK, so you’ve read up to this point, but you are still struggling trying to figure out what to blog about. Below are 25 creative ideas for creating content. They are some of the best blog post ideas that are sure to attract, inform, and capture your readers!

👉 1. Challenge the Status Quo  

Position your business as a category disruptor by questioning and challenging widespread industry norms or assumptions. Demonstrate how you provide a refreshingly unique solution.

👉 2. Share Your Origin Story 

Chronicle the inspirational events and pivotal decisions that drove your passion for launching this business. Let readers peek behind the curtain.

👉 3. Answer Common FAQs

Identify frequently asked questions from customers and transform each one into a comprehensive, value-packed response. Instantly helpful content!

👉 4. Discuss Customer Pain Points

What frustrations or struggles does your audience grapple with? Craft posts specifically focused on sensitively exploring those pains and clearly demonstrating how your product or service can help address them.

👉 4. Discuss Customer Pain Points

What frustrations or struggles does your audience grapple with? Craft posts specifically focused on sensitively exploring those pains and clearly demonstrating how your product or service can help address them.

👉 5. Review/Compare Related Products 

Establish your expertise by providing an objective analysis of relevant products that your customers may also be considering from other brands. Share comparative insights they’ll find nowhere else.
👉 6. Client Case Studies

Showcase inspiring stories of real customers who found tremendous benefit working with you. Back up their powerful anecdotal advocacy with any available stats or supporting facts on fantastic outcomes.

👉 7. Embrace Storytelling 

For certain topics, lean more heavily into an engaging narrative approach versus just information delivery. Stories humanize your brand, allowing readers to connect with the faces and emotions behind it.

👉 8. Announce New Product Launches

When preparing to release an exciting new offering, leverage your blog and social channels before and during launch to strategically build anticipation and awareness. Provide juicy details audience members crave.

👉 9. Give a Behind-the-Scenes Look 

Pull back the public curtain to give customers a special insider’s glimpse at daily business operations. This behind-the-scenes access makes your company more relatable and approachable.

👉 10. Discuss Your Business Mistakes

Yes, you’re human! Admitting past business mishaps in posts creates transparency and signals readers that perfection isn’t expected. Share lessons learned too. The vulnerability will endear your brand to readers.

👉 11. Interview Team Members

Let individual employees introduce themselves through a short Q&A that provides warm insight into their skills, passions, and why they love working for you. Reads love getting to know the people that power your brand.

👉 12. Share Product/Service “Hacks”

Provide unexpected but clever tips, shortcuts or unusual ways to maximize benefit from your offerings. For example, could your product be combined with something else by readers to yield bonus value? Explore creative ideas.

👉 13. Create How-To Guides  

Walk readers through step-by-step instructions for using your product, executing a particular service you offer, or solving a problem relevant to your industry. 

👉 14. Craft Holiday Gift Guides

As seasons change, suggest tailored collections of gift ideas specifically for your ideal customer’s friends/family. Recommend your own products, competitors’ offerings plus relevant third-party items. So helpful!

👉 15. Debunk Industry Myths

Is your niche filled with popular myths, outdated assumptions, or misinformation? Leverage your insider expertise to formally debunk and clarify the facts around those issues once and for all.

👉 16 Envision a Future Company Vision
Have senior leadership describe an aspirational view of where they hope to guide the business over the next 5, 10, or even 50 years. Get bold and creative while outlining the path to realizing that vision. 

👉  17. Showcase Client Success Stories 

With their permission, do a deep dive into a standout client engagement that clearly moved the needle for their business thanks to your work together. 

👉 18. Crowdsource Expert Tips

Solicit advice or best practices from customers, experts, and industry leaders related to a topic important to your audience. Curate responses into one super-helpful post. 

👉 19. Share 5-10 Fascinating Facts/Stats

Write short and sweet listicle posts focused on interesting or unexpected facts and statistics tied to your industry. This always attracts eyeballs. 

👉 20. Honor a Pioneer 

Memorialize and celebrate the career of an iconic thought leader or pioneering inventor who profoundly impacted your industry. Share little-known trivia readers won’t discover elsewhere. 

👉 21. Profile “A Day in the Life” 

Pull back the curtain for an hour-by-hour overview of what an average day truly looks like for various employee roles. Customers will find this revelatory from start to finish.  

👉 22. Offer Product Sneak Peeks

Strategically build pre-launch buzz by giving readers exclusive sneak peeks of an exciting new product, service, or initiative still in development. Leave them wanting more!
👉 23. Arm Readers to Make Informed Decisions 

Supply objective benchmarks, key considerations, factors to weigh and available alternative paths to inform readers facing a critical decision your expertise can guide. Provide decision-making guardrails versus overtly selling.

👉 24. Discuss Your Interests

Get personal by opening up about what interests you. Write about books, quotes, or even historical events within your blog niche that motivate you. Let readers discover unexpected common ground that forges a connection.

👉 25. Give a Sneak Peek 

If gearing up for a launch of an exciting new product/service/initiative, send fans into a frenzy by giving exclusive sneak peeks and juicy details still under wraps. Leave them wanting more!

So as you can see there are many ideas when it comes to what to blog about. But, wait you’re not finished. In the next section, we’re going to talk about what to do once that post is written.

Promote Your Blog Content 

Creating remarkable posts is only half the battle—you also must actively promote your blog to drive traffic and engagement!

  • Start by sharing links to your latest posts across social media channels. Write compelling teasers to entice clicks. Respond to all reader comments to nurture your community.
  • Consider contributing guest posts to complementary industry blogs that allow backlinks. This will also expand your audience reach.
  • And don’t stop at your blog! Repurpose content into videos, snippets, and more. Maximizing formats means maximizing impact.

Strategically promoting your content opens the floodgates for new site visitors to discover and share your ideas with others. 


Determining what to blog about doesn’t have to give you writer’s block! With the right strategies for researching topics and a diverse list of creative content ideas to jumpstart inspiration, your small business blog will thrive.

Remember, clearly defining your target audience, their needs, and your key business objectives is the foundation for developing high-value posts that drive results. Invest time upfront before creating content. Treat your blog as an invaluable yet underutilized marketing channel, not just an obligation.

Ready to win at blogging? Start crafting amazing content that connects with your readers. Dive into the suggestions shared here. And if you ever find your topic well running dry, revisit this post for a boost of ideation fuel! Maintaining an interesting, profitable blog is completely doable with the dedication to continually delivering posts your fans love. Now get writing!

I have been blogging since 2006 and have helped many people promote their business through blogging. Not only do I enjoy blogging, but I enjoy sharing what I have learned and experienced over the years. One experience in particular where I was able to share what I know was when I was a WordPress organizer for meetups in New York.

Thank you for reading, let me know if you have any questions.

And if you enjoyed this post please do hit the share button so others can benefit from it as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I publish new blog content?

For most small business blogs, aim to publish 1-2 times per week as a general best practice. This allows you to maintain visibility and continue fueling your content engine. Of course, assess what volume truly works for your bandwidth.

How long should my posts be?

Ideally, aim for blog posts to be between 1,500 – 2,000 words long. This gives you enough space to explore topics in-depth while keeping reader attention. Be sure to break up longer posts with visuals like images, charts, or videos for scanability.

I’m not a talented writer. Can I still have a successful blog?

Absolutely! While quality writing is important, you can improve over time or even outsource writing. Focus more on consistently providing value for readers versus crafting Pulitzer prize-worthy prose as a priority.

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