Hello and welcome! I’m Scott, the creative mind behind WP-AI Seo, based in the vibrant hub of Long Island, New York. As a passionate SEO consultant and web developer with a keen interest in artificial intelligence, I’ve dedicated my business to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible for a small business in the digital realm.

With over 15 years of experience building and promoting websites, I’ve helped many local companies establish their brand and connect with customers online and I created this website as a canvas, where I illustrate to small businesses the vast potential that lies within their reach.

After taking some time off in 2020, I realized how much I missed helping small businesses when a local business owner asked me to build a site for his business.

What I didn’t realize when I accepted the job, was that my new client didn’t want just a website he wanted a website that brought new customers to his local business and he expected me to make it happen.

It was at this point, I realized to truly help local businesses succeed, they need more than just a website – they need a highly optimized website that gets found by new customers.

Fortunately for me, while pondering how I was not only going to build a website for this new client, but a website that brought new business through his door I stumbled across a new and emerging technology – Artificial intelligence!

🔨 Building Relationships Through The Latest Creative Technologies and Craftsmanship 🎨

As someone fascinated by technology, I’ve been blown away by some of the things that I have been able to do through the creative potential of AI tools like Midjourney, Claude 2, and ChatGPT, just to name a few!

Within this website you will find a growing list of my latest blog posts talking about the latest concepts and how a small business can leverage AI and SEO for growth. My goal is to demonstrate the limitless potential of how AI can make SEO work and how a local business can use it!

So join me on this journey into the new frontier of AI! I’ll share actionable tips and inspiring examples of AI in action. Because together, we can build a bright future for local businesses like yours.


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